Stopping the Chase - Developing a New Perspective on Opportunity

You've hit a fork in the road, that moment in which you're realizing you probably should've taken a different trail. Negative emotions begin to fill your being while your mind races to find a quick solution. I am here to inform you not to worry. You have officially landed in a blissful bubble of opportunity!

We all have been blessed enough with a human life, a journey that can never be taken away from us and will forever be intertwined with our souls. Karma has lead us here, to this precise moment in which we are experiencing. This instant, regardless of what might have preceded it, is the universe's gift for another new opportunity, setting a new intention or redirection, a real chance to shine. The truth is - all of us struggle with the grasp of opportunity. Merriam Webster defines the word as "an amount of time or a situation in which something can be done". What strikes me in that definition is that it is bound to the concept of time. When coaching clients and talking about fears openly with close friends and family, I have found that the biggest underlying fear of most of us is not having enough time to do what we we are here to do.

I am here, writing this article, to work together with you in redefining the meaning of opportunity for an expression that will truly work in our favor. True opportunity is timeless, bound and dependent on nothing but you and your soul's will. With faith and optimism, all opportunities are not only possible but attainable in alignment with our soul's purpose.  

To help redefine opportunity in your own life and steps on how you can shift your perspective quite easily to grasp opportunity head on, I offer these talking points to get your brain waves positively flowing.  Your life is and will continue to be abundant and all opportunities around you are in attainable alignment with your highest good. Remember that you are co-creating your ideal life with the universe. When we are connected to source and being guided by love, rather than fear, all opportunities that fall into this law of attraction are also seeking us. 

1. Keeping the faith alive - What is your current spiritual practice? How does spirit enter your life and your heart on a daily basis? Each one of us are extremely unique individuals, and we all have different ways of connecting to source. I invite you to think about what you are doing on a daily basis to help ease your mind and connect to your heart. 

Many philosophers and spiritual gurus have handed down the theory that our thoughts create our reality. If our thoughts create our reality, then, how do we create positively driven thoughts to create our most desired life? It begins with controlling the thoughts we aren't wanting to guide us by creating space in the mind so the heart can speak. Whether you meditate, pray, connect to nature or utilize mantras, all of these practices are aligned with spirit. When our mind quiets down, our hearts deepen and that little voice of intuition that lives within all of us begins to speak louder. When we are connected to source, we remember that we are not alone. In fact, we are never alone as we are eternally held by universal love. 

Keep working on strengthening your spiritual foundation. Like anything, it gets easier and more profound with practice. Patience is key here! We all struggle with restless minds. Focusing on your breathing and being in peace within your mind & body will help you. Take this opportunity to think of ways of improving your practice and take action. Human will combined with action are extremely powerful, especially when directed in alignment with spirit. What can you change today? Tomorrow? Do not allow the fear of time to kick you into fear mode, but rather commit to faith. Commit to taking charge of your life and co-creating your optimal reality by stopping the chase and connecting to your heart. 

2. The powerful act of forgiveness - I prompt you to take a few minutes to to reflect on what you may still be holding on to that is preventing you from living in the present.  Is it a past relationship? A disagreement with your coworker? A hurtful comment a friend directed at you? Whatever this may be, no matter how big or small, it is something to consciously work on. Without being able to trace our steps on how we got to where we are now, we aren't able to fully move forward with out lives. Marianne Williamson says "Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness." 

The most important thing in this realm is to be genuine. When writing, meditating or affirming your forgiveness for another being, do it in a truthful manner that speaks to you. Visualize the other person standing across from you as you speak the words you would like to share with them, and see them gracefully accepting your apology. Keep in mind that this isn't a one time win but rather a process that will be repeated as many times as you need. 

Remember to forgive yourself! A lot of us tend to hold the guilt from the experience on our own shoulders which prevents us from holistically forgiving the entire experience. From a spiritual perspective, everything happens for a reason and there is one or several lessons underneath it all. Rather than overly criticizing yourself and replaying the event over and over in your mind, try to send some love and acceptance to yourself regarding the circumstance. For if it wasn't for the experience, you wouldn't have been led to where you are now. 

3. Validating your worthiness - We are an entire, complete universe within our individual selves. The truth is, we don't need any external sources to validate our worthiness, yet so many of struggle with seeking validation from others to prove our worth and place in the world. Many religions and spiritual texts state that we are all children of God, formed perfectly in our exact shape and state. Our ego stands in the way between our trust and understanding of this universal truth. 

Without whole heartedly trusting that you are worth it, you create a duality in which truly grasping opportunities in your life become next to impossible to achieve. The "monkey mind" always poses thoughts of doubt questioning if we are actually worthy of these opportunities that are being presented to us. When there is doubt in the mind, the miracle ceases to exist and has no platform to flourish and manifest in our lives for our most beneficial outcome. Tiny Buddha helps list supportive tips to start building worthiness internally: 

A point of discernment - there is a major difference between boasting our worth, from an egoistical standpoint, versus reveling in the state of Self-realization. When we reach the understanding that we are one with universal existence and all that is, a transition takes place. This transition is the shift from a mentally driven world to a heart-led one. By utilizing tools to quiet our minds, our hearts begin communicating words of truth to us.  Over time, we realize that all is truly possible with the grace of God. Opportunities will begin to unfold naturally. This is not to say hard work won't be involved, but rather the fight of opportunity itself and us chasing it will begin to shift to a place of surrendering and trust that these opportunities are equally choosing us. The trust we build with our higher power, whatever that may be, allows us to finally rest and stop the chase. All opportunities that are meant to be will manifest, and all others will eventually fade away.

4. Commiting to your decision - What is important to remember here is the power that lies in not only making but committing to our decisions and opportunities we are opting for. Our environments, whether they are our friends, family or coworkers, place a large amount of peer pressure onto what decisions we "should" and "shouldn't" be making. It seems that nearly everyone is attempting to persuade our decision making! What is crucial to remember is the powerful act of action through committing to a particular decision and maintaining that decision. 

Let's utilize the analogy of climbing Mount Everest, for example. There you are, after years of training,  with a team of hikers, a few of which seem to be true pessimists. Even when you have passed base camp, camp 1 and have nearly reached camp 2, these individual hikers can't seem to halt their negative tongues. This is the point where keeping your eye on the prize is critical. Do not allow external influences affect your decision making process. You felt it was rightfully aligned for you, committed to the opportunity and took action, and now is your time to stay committed! This tends to be one  of the most difficult periods for people to stick with their decisions. They key is to remember what brought you to consciously committing to the opportunity. Rather than allowing others' thoughts and doubts feed into your own fear, try to focus on the positive thinking which led you to your OWN decision making.

Encourage yourself by trusting that you were guided by your higher power to commit to grasping this opportunity. You will know if this no longer feels rightfully aligned for you, but do not allow it to be from a place of fear. You can almost view this stage as little "tests" the universe offers you to see how committed you really are. Utilize tools like journaling to see where you personally stand on your decision. Check in with yourself periodically to see if things are still aligned and if so - keep staying committed! If things have shifted for you, then make your choice to redirect but ensure this stems from a place of love and clarity rather than from a place of fear and cloudiness.


Keep connecting to source through trusting yourself and knowing that all things are unfolding in divine timing. Cheers to grasping opportunities with wisdom, clarity and confidence. You got this! 


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