Focusing on Love & Nothing Else

As the month of February is officially upon us and we observe lovers all around, there seems to be a perspective choice on our plates. Whether we are in a relationship, have someone to spend the Hallmark holiday with, feel love for ourselves or share a loving experience with another, this month is something to shed gratitude on for several reasons. Primarily - to reset the tone of the year which is rooted in the fundamental vibration of LOVE.  As we have over 7 billion people in the world, clearly our goals for the year vary from person to person. Some may have something in particular that they are trying to manifest, others may be focused on a greater level success than the previous year, and some may simply be asking for clarity in their lives. Regardless of the anticipated outcome, it is a safe assumption to say that everything becomes easier with LOVE.


Below are some useful tips on how to keep the LOVE flowing in your life - love in your breath, love in your eyes, love in your words, and love in the true essence of your being. After all - we are all here together, brought together and breeding together to essentially bring us closer to the overarching vibration of LOVE.


L: Loving Acceptance> I urge you to practice loving acceptance for yourself and others. Today, practice loving yourself for exactly who you are in this exact moment. Utilize affirmative mantras like "I love and accept myself for who I am - yesterday, today and tomorrow", "I love myself ", "I shower myself and others with an abundance of the highest, most pure blessings."

O: Optimism> Every day we wake up, we have a choice. A choice to look at things in a conscious perspective. I invite you to spend a week really focusing on the word "optimism" and what it means for you. It is inevitable that there will continue to  be challenges in our lives and that is something we cannot control, regardless of the illusion of us governing all aspects of our lives. The one thing we can control, however, is the continuous opportunity to change our perspectives on our experiences. Wayne Dyer, an influential author and motivational, spiritual speaker says, "When I change the way I look at things, the things I look at begin to change."

V: Value> Believe that you are of absolute value to this world. Your life, well-being and wholeness matter and your contribution to this world is of the utmost value.  Believing this and truly living your life with this degree of understanding is half of the battle. For the next few days, attempt to reflect a few chosen experiences that occurred and write down how you contributed to the experience. How did what you do have value? How would the experience have been without you? How do people appreciate you? How do you appreciate yourself? RECOGNIZE YOUR VALUE!

E: Enthusiastic Engagement> Engage yourself in today's experiences, yes, right now! Look at the people in your everyday life and ask yourself - "How could I be more presently engaged with them?" The human population is here to do nothing more than support you. We are here with you, right now and for all of the days to come. Shed some enthusiasm and engage in your community - there are an infinite amount of experiences awaiting you! 

Spreading LOVE to you and your cherished ones throughout this month! 

Natalie OhanessianComment