Spiritual Surrender - the clearest path

In a time of turmoil - emotional, physical & mental, we sometimes find ourselves in a place wondering - what makes it all worth it? what is our purpose? why am I struggling so much? what are my goals? why haven't I found myself elsewhere at this point in my life?

Let's face it...in this human life, turmoil will consistently exist. Change will remain our constant in a world of uncertainty. Uncertainty can be "crowded out", a term IIN founder Joshua Rosenthal, frequently uses, by honing in on clarity. A particular type of certainty rooted in spiritual confidence is called spiritual surrendering; a phrase Marianne Williamson utilizes from A Course in Miracles.

When we take a moment to really take a step back and think about what surrendering means, it tends to have a multitude of meanings for various people. To surrender can have as minimal of an intention as "I surrender to what the day brings forth", or as extreme of an impact of "I surrender to it all and am going to quit my job and see what happens". When we utilize the term spiritual surrender, it has a much greater and profound meaning. To spiritually surrender, we acknowledge ourselves as a vehicle for spiritual transformation, in the service of nobody else but God. We accept our value to this earth, in this very moment, and humbly maintain ourselves in a state of love - for it is in the path of love that all miracles are rooted. And when we stray from this resilient vibration, may we fall unto nothing else but the road of hope. 

As we embrace on this journey together, confiding in the surrendering to God, everything seems to fall into place. Our hearts begin to heal, our minds resonate in a state of peace, our bodies default back to their intuitively healthy programming, and most importantly - our paths becomes clearer. 

This week, I urge you to practice the path of most clarity. Whether it means taking a few minutes to meditate, utilizing time for self-care or spending time in nature to feel the call of the divine, trust that this white light of clarity & purpose is running through you - every step of the way, at every second of the day. 


Natalie OhanessianComment