The Shift: The Grasp of A Consciously Lit & Magical Life

This piece was inspired by Wayne Dyer's film, "The Shift". In honor of his passing, I have spent time contemplating on what this shift really entails, how I can fully live it myself and the power of spreading the word on living a fulfilled life, just as Dr. Dyer has. If you have not yet watched the film, please feel free to visit the Hay House site at

There are several moments throughout our lives where we have something I like to call "moments of divinity", or commonly known as the classic "A-ha" moment, where a revelation of sorts has come to fruition. I invite you to reflect on one of your most recent moments of divinity and begin to relive the emotions that came along with the encounter. Perhaps it was a sense of ease and fearlessness, relief, joy, gratitude or maybe it was so fantastic and profound that you went into a state of ecstatic bliss(in which case - congratulations!). Regardless of what the revelation was actually about, these moments of clarity are opportunities to re-set our intentions and gain courage and action towards living a light-driven, magical life.

The spiritual community shares a commonly used expression which communicates our existence on this earth being rooted in spirit rather then the surface of what it may be seem like on the day-day activities of living a human life. The original quote, by the French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, states "You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience." The truth is, we have many choices in our human life. As Albert Camus, the great philosopher, says, "Life is the sum of your choices." The impact of each decision does indeed matter, as it leads you to your next point of progression. But how do we know what the decision for each choice should be? There is one overarching choice that we can consciously make which becomes our truest driving force. In simplest terms, the choice is to grasp the belief that we are here for a reason, to fulfill our dharma, or our life's purpose, and to believe that we are being  guided by something larger than ourselves. The flip side of the coin is to push aside the depths of our spiritual essence and live in a state of fear and hopelessness, forgetting our connection to source and divine magic. 

This is the choice for a SHIFT. Nobody can make it but yourself, but, once you have firmly decided in living a divine filled life, it sets you on a road filled with hope, love, intention, faith and utter magic. Sure, it won't be easy, this isn't a smoothly paved road filled only with butterflies and rainbows (although those do exist!), but it will be a path of surrendering to something deeper and grander than yourself. The point in which self (lowercase "s") and Self (uppercase "S") collide is the moment in which I am referencing.  I invite you to step into the possibility of the light filled journey with me by taking action on some of the simple suggestions listed below. The beautiful thing to keep in mind, is that this shift happens over time, and we have the opportunity to explore our sense of purpose each minute. Every single day brings a new opportunity for liberation from our minds filled with human burdens and worry. By redirecting our thoughts and actions to serve a greater purpose, the magic takes over and begins to show us the path as we consciously choose to make the shift to living a magical life. 

1. Begin the day with a sacred moment. Every moment is a sacred opportunity. If you take a moment to actually think about how we got here as humans, it is nothing but a miracle. Not only did we evolve into the species we are today, but to ponder on all of the mothers in the progression of our lineage having given birth to healthy and whole humans is yet another miracle. The great effort it took for us to get here is something out of our control. No matter how healthy and well prepared a mother is to give birth to her child, it is undeniably known that there is still a chance something could happen to her baby.  Although most of us are keen on pushing that possibility aside, the reality still exists. But what is it that actually makes things turn out the way they do? It is nothing other than something greater than ourselves holding it all together, guiding us and supporting us. When we take a step aside to think about our human existence on a broader spectrum, it places us in a state of awe, gratitude and humble acceptance. 

The human range of emotion is vast, however, we will focus on two of them being love and fear. Love is a state of acceptance, gratitude, joy and hope. Fear is filled with regret, dissatisfaction and hopelessness. If we think about the 1,440 minutes in a day, we have the choice to focus on how long and dreadful it will be to last through the day, or we can focus on the 1,440 minutes of sacred opportunities the day is filled with. 

As soon as we wake up, what can we mindfully do to vibrate in a state of love? It could involve telling our family members that we love them and really meaning it, praying before we start our day, journaling about our intention for what the day will bring forth, whatever the action is, start it with love and intention. Utilize the power of the shift as soon as you open your eyes each morning by taking a sacred pause. By living an intentional life that is connected to something larger than ourselves, the divine magic begins to work its way into our life.

2. Have active dialogue with source. Once we break through the initial barrier of our ego, which consistently tells us we aren't good enough, are alone, need to do more, etc., we get immersed into a space where we can feel courageous and clear enough to have divine communication. This will be different for each one of us, but some of the most common ways of doing this are through our thoughts, prayers and actions. Neale Donald Walsch's book, "Conversations with God: A Uncommon Dialogue" explains different methods to have this dialogue take place.

The most important thing is not to have fear about taking action on this step. You may feel hesitant at first as this may be new territory for you, but just remember that all that is taking place is a conversation with your Self. A platform set for self-discovery and healing is being rooted by being in a place vulnerable and safe enough to allow you to speak your truth. Once you get through the first few times, it will begin to flow more and more effortlessly. In fact,  you will actually begin to start looking forward to these communications with the universe. A sense of surrender will take over you as you begin to boldly trust that something larger than yourself is taking care of you and guiding you throughout your life. 

This dialogue can be performed at any time of day and of course, more than once a day! Keeping a journal in your car or on your nightstand will allow for an ease of transition as you begin. Whenever you have a few free minutes or feel like you could benefit from a moment of grounding and connection, whip out your journal and begin to openly speak and ask. Whether it is just about your day, getting something off your chest or asking the universe for guidance, let it flow and think of this practice like your on-demand therapist. 

3. Surround yourself with other shift-seekers. A strong community holds a very powerful influence in our lives. Another part of making this shift involves weeding out things and people that no longer serve us. To live a consciously bred life, we must make some hard choices in our lives that may include letting go of some people that currently have a presence in our lives. Once we start resonating in a state that is truest for us, the things that no longer hold a significance for us will start to make themselves apparent. Remembering the mantra that "When one door closes, another opens" here is key. Letting go of people is an extremely difficult and heart breaking task, however, we must remember that this road isn't painless. It asks for our courage and persistence on a daily basis. One could say the universe is almost testing us to see if we really are seriously committed to making this shift in our lives.

I ask you to spend a few moments thinking about some key individuals who have a strong influence in your life today. Ask yourself a few questions of discernment such as "How do they make me feel?", "How much of my living my truest life am I sacrificing for them?". When we begin clearing out the clutter and firmly making decisions rooted in a higher purpose, the traffic begins to clear off of our road which paves the way for new opportunities that are more aligned with our higher self. 

Ask yourself how your current community contributes to your life. If most of your time is spent in a network of complainers, this community is most likely taking more of your energy away rather than fulfilling you. Having a strong, spiritually connected community is crucial in making this transition. Perhaps it takes place in a community center, a friend's home, or at a retreat center, but finding like-minded individuals who are also actively making this transition isn't very difficult. Utilizing tools like the website Meet Up is wonderful in connecting people. Message boards at local yoga studios, health food stores and book stores are wonderful places to meet fellow community members who are also consciously choosing to make this transition as well. Remember not to get discouraged! Building a strong community can sometimes take more time than we would like but remember that it is all happening in divine timing! If there is a delay, the message may be to spend more time in solitude while you gather more of your personal thoughts together before you share them with the world. Whatever it may be, know that you are absolutely being supported and guided throughout your journey.


I wish all of you a beautiful week ahead as you continue to live your life filled with light and pure magic. May you keep your hearts, minds and lines of communication with source open as you transition into this magical SHIFT.