How to Cultivate a More Personal Relationship with your Higher Power

Do you ever get the sense that you are practicing various spiritual techniques, yet still yearning for a more personal connection to your higher power? Perhaps practicing daily yoga, gratitude journaling, and meditating have improved your life tremendously, but you feel intuitively that “there must be more” to feeling connected?

Well, there’s good news, there is absolutely so much more! When I first began communicating with my higher power, it felt slightly awkward. I hadn’t done anything like it before, and quite frankly, it’s something that nobody really teaches you. Whether you are religious, spiritual without a specific denomination or just curious, here are five simple steps that will open the gates to help bring forth your personal connection to Source.

1.       Write to your higher power: The first simple step is to simply write to your higher power, whoever that might be. It can be as simple as the “Morning Pages” technique, where you write via stream of consciousness first thing in the morning. Try to use first person pronouns like “I”, “my”, etc. to make things as personal as possible when communicating, especially when you are asking for something specific!

2.       Speak aloud to your higher power: Whether it is reading your own writing or just speaking aloud at home about what’s top of mind for you, there’s something extremely powerful about reciting words aloud. The vibration of the words combined with your genuine intent brings forth a magical essence. Use the practice of speaking to your higher power to continue cultivating your relationship with them. Last but not least, really FEEL the words as you speak them! Feel the vibration resonate within your every pore and project out to the universe your thoughts, desires and intentions.

3.       Pray: This is one that may also be challenging, especially if you aren’t used to the practice of prayer. The wonderful thing about prayer is that it is unique for everyone. For one person, it might be reading a scripture, and for another, it may be sitting in a seated cross-legged position in silence. Try out different techniques to see what feels most natural and genuine for you. Try praying in the morning, afternoon and evening to see if, like meditation, a specific time of day works best for you.

4.       Allow space for grace to enter your life: So much of our lives are spent thinking about the past or planning for the future. In our busy modern lives, unfortunately little time is actually spent experiencing the present moment. Right here, right now, is where the deepest connection to your higher power lives. Set an intention to take a few minutes each day, or perhaps throughout the day, to allow space for grace to enter your life. It may be when you’re walking to your car and the breeze hits you just in that perfect way that makes you smile from ear to ear. Maybe it’s spending time alone in the evening reading a spiritually rooted book, whatever it looks like for you, carve out time to feel that spiritual essence in your life.

5.       Really allow yourself to feel your higher power’s presence: Sometimes we are so stuck in our own minds that we don’t allow ourselves to feel the presence of Source. Even when we may feel something holy in or around us, we tend to then doubt ourselves or begin using the left side of our brains to analyze what may be happening. Whether you’re in a meditation, workshop or just alone, trust what you are experiencing is real and allow yourself to sink deeper into the feeling of universal love and light.  

Natalie OhanessianComment