Natalie holds unwavering compassion for the human condition and anywhere she focuses her energy is sure to thrive and blossom. Her intuitive mind and positive outlook builds and broadens every opportunity with warmth and careful consideration. She is a true teacher! Oh yes! Some people are TRUE teachers and Natalie IS one of those people. Anyone who has the chance to work with Natalie will feel bigger, brighter, and more confident in their daily happenings. She is a true shining light.
— Marisa
As a part of our health & wellness program for 2015, I have signed my team up to the soul-bite corporate wellness program. Last week we attended an outdoor yoga class run by Natalie and enjoyed a vegan lunch and cooking class.
The time we spent with Natalie was uplifting and inspiring. The team was invigorated by the experience and it was a welcome break from our desk jobs. Exercise is only part of the wellness experience. Natalie’s knowledge and creativity helps transition eating habits and gives a much more holistic approach to health.
We look forward to many more successful events run by Soul-bite.
— Danielle, CEO of Creative Pack
Natalie has been an amazing nutrition and wellness coach for me! I’ve been working with her for a short period and already have seen significant changes in my weight, overall health and energy levels. In addition to losing 5 lbs in my first 2 weeks! Her approach is very informative and kind. She created a program for me that would fit my crazy lifestyle (I’m a working mom with two young boys; 1 and 3) and the goals she gives to me each week are very attainable. 

I really enjoy the combination of nutrition and wellness, its created balance in my life that I have not achieved before. And an added bonus is my skin and hair have never looked better! 

I HIGHLY recommend Natalie to anyone who is looking to feel better and look better. And especially Moms (she is a mom herself), she is very understanding about life struggles that can sometimes get in your way :)
— Kelly H.
I’ve known Natalie for a few years and I distinctly remember my first impression was that she had a calm confidence and maturity that I don’t normally see in a young person. While there’s a zen side to her that I love, her youthful passion for music, food, yoga, relationships and adventure is just as inspirational to me! Natalie’s health coach clients will be well-served by her bright mind, nurturing intentions and positive outlook.
— Frances
Natalie is a hidden gem and I’m so grateful I discovered her. She empowers you to be the best person you can be in all aspects of life, not just nutrition. Regarding nutrition, Natalie is an expert and makes a very complex subject simple and easy. Each session you get assignments that focus on one improving one pillar of your life. At first this seemed expensive, but it is a no brainer investment if you care about your health. I have already noticed major improvement in my overall health and nutrition and I’m confident that it will only continue in the right direction. Thank you Natalie!
— Nick

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